Saturday, December 29, 2007

Looking back

Looking back at 2007 ~
Shematite (19) graduated from WHS, worked at Ye Lions Den restaurant during the summer and headed down to Southern Utah University in August. She has declared herself as a theater major, but with a phobia of sewing machines is not looking forward to the required costume construction class. She lives in the honors hall in a small private room and is loving college life!
Scout (17) is a junior at WHS and also worked at Ye Lions Den up until last week. She is busy with AP art projects, serving as Laurel class president and Choralaire president and keeping track of boys, sports, voice lessons, friends and AP history homework.
Michex (15) is a sophomore and enjoying having her driver's permit. She also enjoys choir, sign language class, voice and piano lessons, friends, humanity projects with her Dad, and being the cutest cupcake ever in Weber's Beauty and the Beast musical production!
Mayflower (9) has been busy with friends, gymnastics, friends, activity days, friends and swimming lessons last summer. She got so used to jumping off the high dive, that when it came time to jump into the favorite plunge pool in Zion, she didn't hesitate a second!
The Rock is serving in the Elder's quorum, still teaching math at Fremont High school, coaching boys and girls tennis and teaching driver's Ed. Needless to say, he is enjoying the Christmas break far more than his students. He has taken up racketball recently and can often be found at Gold's gymn looking for a game.
I am still working for 2 ENT doctors but have extended my hours to full time. They are great to work for and I always have plenty of challenges. I love serving in Young Women's as Beehive advisor and choir director. I always look forward to girls camp and youth conference. This past summer I got to spend 3 days at a Bear Lake youth conference with my big girls and had so much fun sleeping under the stars with Shematite, playing swords, volleyball, wakeboarding and tubing. The youth sure keep me young!
Highlights for me this year were hiking a new trail up Timp, slipping through Behunin canyon in Zion, a trip to Lake Powell with extended family, and a backpacking trip down Buckskin Gulch with my Rock and various siblings (see old blog post for details). And I loved finding new hot springs, visiting old ones and playing dodgeball on Christmas eve!
After nearly 16 months of struggling with hoarseness, I have recently been diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, a type of neurological muscle movement disorder affecting my voice. I am looking forward to a treatment in January that will hopefully help.
2007 has been a wonderful year of growth, learning and adventure! Thanks to all those who shared a part of it with me. I am looking forward to 2008!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Fun!

As a wonderful gift to our family, Rock's parents gave us tickets to the Desert Star Dinner Theater Monday night. We had a great time eating at the buffet and enjoying the show. Mayflower was particularly impressed with the fact that the server brought her as many cups of hot chocolate as she wanted.
The Christmas variety show was awesome! Shematite and I found ourselves laughing the loudest in the whole theater at some point, turned and looked at each other, and kept on laughing at our laughing. Thanks, Mom and Dad Snowbird! It was wonderful!