Sunday, March 16, 2014

Running in the Dark

  I had a lovely early morning run on Saturday.  I got up at 5:15, started running at 5:45 and did 8 miles mostly in the dark.  I read something recently from Runner's World - an article a lady wrote about what inspired/helped her to keep running and it is helping me change my perspective about running in the dark, early morning.   I have always had a huge amount of anxiety about going for a long run in the dark.  It has been really hard for me.  I worry about things jumping out at me, mostly animals, tripping and falling, stepping in a hole, being stalked, whatever - you name it.  In the article the author talked about how much she enjoyed her early mornings in the dark, being alone, enjoying the stars in the sky, owning the streets of her town, just her and her headlamp and so forth.  So that's what I thought about Saturday morning.  I ran in the middle of every road, I looked up at all the stars, I had my reflective vest on and 2 headlamps, one on my head in front and one around my waist in back (turned on red), and I had new songs on my playlist to distract me from all my anxious thoughts.  But most of all, I enjoyed the huge golden-orange moon that was setting in the western sky as I ran my route.  I got home just as the sky was turning gray.  The light hadn't even hit the top of the mountains surrounding my town yet:)
  I am grateful to be able to enjoy the beautiful world we live in.  I am grateful for its Creator.  I am grateful every day when I can ask my body to do things and it can.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lookin' Back....way back!

As the halfway mark of February presented itself today in cloudy coolness and I have already run my run for the weekend (Friday after work), I have found myself sitting at the computer with an empty, quiet house.  No - the dishes aren't done yet, the floor needs to be mopped, the laundry is "in process" and a myriad of other tasks await my attention, but it's time to get some blogging done!  I've let every excuse in the book get in my way and the burden of guilt about doing my journaling and family history keeping is getting out of hand.
Excuse #1 - At the end of 2012 I was in the middle of muddling through post-race depression compounded by an over-use hamstring injury.  In order to try to heal the hamstring, I stopped running for 2 months.  Didn't help.  It just made me more anxiously depressed and stressed out.  Correcting my gait/form and making sure my stride alignment was spot-on is what helped the most.
 So the year-end, "family news letter" didn't happen last year.
And here it is, way past time for another wrap up and I have run out of excuses.  What significant things happened in 2013 for my family?  Hang on, here goes!

January - Scout was still in the Chicago area working as a nanny.  Rock and I had enjoyed a trip out to visit her in the fall and had an interesting experience going to the Chicago Temple and meeting a long lost cousin there, going to the Field Museum and the Art Institute and then playing on the roller coasters at Six Flags.  But while she was home for Christmas she went on a date with a very good friend and they began dating long distance when she returned to her nanny family.

February-  Scout & Drew were long distance dating/skyping...and setting a temple marriage date for 11-12-13.  In the mean time, Rock and I did a little bit of snowshoeing.

In March Michex received her mission call to serve for 18 months in the Iowa Des Moines Mission beginning July 3, 2013!

She was still working 2 jobs, part time for Wasatch ENT & Allergy (Dr. Major's office) and part time for BIG 5, going to the singles ward and saving money for school when she made the decision to put in her papers.  There were many tears when she and Scout realized Michex would not physically be there for the wedding and Scout would not be there for MO's "farewell".  So...Drew came to the rescue and drove MO to Chicago to see here sister over spring break.  He may have had an ulterior motive ...:/  But who can blame him?  He passed the big brother test with flying colors and Scout's nanny family in Chicago got to meet them both.
Shematite started working part time at Dr Major's Farr West office by helping me in the billing department, learning to apply payments and track claims.  That meant that  "Q" took over the janitorial duties in our Farr West office.  Which gives her a once a week job and the chance to earn her own money.  Yes, for a few months last year Dr Major was writing 4 checks to the family!  We are so grateful for that:)

April - Scout flew home for a short visit over Easter and she, Drew, MO & Rock went to St George for a quick run through Yankee Doodle canyon - and to visit family and friends.

Amazing May! - The Red Rock Relay team strikes again with another trip to Moab.  This time Beth, Kira, Tris, Nicole, Rock and I made our way out of town and up and over the La Sal mountains for 70 miles in 11 hours.  Trailblazer and Dreampacker drove SAG once again and I had a marvelous time with my family!
MO went to through the Logan Temple in May in preparation for her mission and Shematite was in full performance mode as she portrayed the character AMY in a community theater production of the musical "Little Women".  We also enjoyed Q's final performance as a Knight Minstrel at NOJH.

June was a blur of shopping, gardening and planning.  Our dear friends, the Coombs, paid us a visit to see Shematite's performance and test their lungs on the Skyline Trail with us one evening to watch the sunset.


 I was able to talk Q and MO into  hiking a new trail with me one day:)  Malan Peak via Taylor Canyon.

 And then came the last few days with our darling daughter....I am so proud of her!

 Saying Good Bye at the MTC in Provo July 3, 2013.

I was totally unprepared for the wave of shear LOVE that came pouring out of the MTC at us that day as we dropped off MO.  She hugged us and was quickly scooped up by a couple of smiling sister missionaries and she was gone!  Rock barely had time to get her luggage out of the car and put it on the sidewalk.  It was perfect:)

Luckily, I had no time to think about missing her the next few weeks.  Rock and I were busy preparing for our Uintah Highline Hike (see previous post) and for Scout's return home at the end of August and marriage in November.

August - hiking, back to schooling, Girl's camping (for Q) and working for Shematite.  Drew drove to Glenview, Illinois to officially propose and bring Scout back home.  She arrived safe and sound at the end of the month with a ring on her finger and a wonderful man by her side.

In September we had fun taking engagement photos in St. George...

 and getting a little down and dirty as we ran the Dirty Dash with cousin Kyle and dear friend Jennifer!

October brought the finishing touches on the wedding plans and showers,

bridal photos ...

... a quick overnight backpack to the hot springs up Diamond Fork Canyon.

and one more end-of-season 5K just for fun!!

November rolled in as we celebrated Shematite's 25th birthday on the 4th, and her decision to receive the blessings of the temple on the 8th! We had a beautiful night in Bountiful with family and then a fun time eating at Lee's Mongolian BBQ afterwards.

Q had been busy rehearsing for the WHS musical production of West Side Story.  Her closing night fell on the weekend that family arrived for the wedding and so her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles came to support her in her role as a dancing, singing Puerto Rican!

      Rock received his Master's Degree in Teaching with Technology from Leslie University!

 11-12-13  dawned clear, bright and unseasonably warm!  It was the perfect day in every way that mattered!

 We had so much help from family, friends and coworkers!  I definitely missed my "MO", but I felt her celebrating with us as she continued sharing her love for the Gospel on her mission and inviting others to Come Unto Christ and enjoy the blessings of an eternal family.  That is what this year has been all about for us -  blessings!!   As we skyped with her on Christmas day, tears of gratitude and joy ran down all our faces as we sang Silent Night and other hymns together and felt of the Savior's love for each of us.