Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lookin' Back

As 2008 draws to a close, we have many blessings for which we are grateful. Counting you among our friends and family is one of the greatest.

The Rock ~ is teaching math, coaching girl’s and boy’s tennis and instructing Driver Education at Fremont High School. He often works 12 hour days and somehow has still found time to start his Master’s Degree program (teaching with technology) this fall. In June he took all of his nephews on his side of the family on an “Uncle Rock” trip to southern Utah. He taught them how to rappel in Red Canyon, did a fun little slot in Zion called Key Hole and then ventured out into the Escalante desert to explore some more slots by the name of Peek-a-boo and Spooky. They all had a blast! I hope they continue the tradition! Later in the summer, he and my brother Tristano headed to Colorado to hang out with my brother-in-law Brandon. They caught a Rockies game, rafted the Arkansas River and hiked Mt. Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado. And he is still enjoying serving in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency.

Shematite (20) ~ completed her first year at SUU in May. She came home for the summer and worked at Lee’s Market in the deli. She enjoyed the summer at home, even taking a little bit of time off to go to Lake Powell with us in June. In August she headed back to Cedar City. Unfortunately some health issues led her to put school and work on hold and she moved back home in November. We are glad to have her back home and hope to help get her back on her feet and reaching new goals! I am especially glad to have someone in the house who laughs at my jokes!

Scout (18)~ is busy with friends, boys, Chamber Quire (vice president), A Capella Choir, AP Art, AP Psychology, and volunteering at an Elementary school in downtown Ogden. She bought herself a video game this summer called Dance Dance Revolution and is queen of the dance mat. Thanks to Bryn, our eye-foot coordination is better and our cardio vascular systems are happy! Bring on the DDR! She received her Young Woman Recognition Award and is excited to graduate this spring. She is thinking of going to Dixie State College to study art and boys.

Michex(16) ~ got her driver’s license in July and is enjoying her junior year at Weber High. She has a heavy load of classes including Chemistry, Math 1050/1060, AP American History, Choralaires, Honors English, and Advanced Drama. She and Scout both were in the cast of the WHS musical this fall – Peter Pan. Michex has lots of friends and invited one special one, Brittany, to join her on her belated Birthday outing this summer. Last year she asked us to take her through Mystery Canyon in Zion but the back country closed down with forest fires. I scored the 6 lottery permits allowed each day in this canyon and told Michaela she could invite a friend. Aaron & Kim, our friends, joined us on this little adventure and we had an unforgettable time in this breathtaking canyon. About 10 rappels, with the last one dropping you right into the Zion Narrows where all the tourists watch you rap down a 100 foot waterfall! Great fun. We love her sly humor and sense of adventure!

Mayflower(10) ~ enjoys her tumbling class and has started playing the piano. She spent most of the summer at the pool turning her blonde hair green. She is becoming quite a good swimmer. She loves her dog, Milo and has lots of friends in the neighborhood and at school in her 5th grade class. She backpacked into Coyote Gulch with us Memorial weekend and was truly a sight to behold. I loved watching her cute little legs underneath that big backpack, heading off into the desert! She probably doesn’t remember much of the trip because she ended up running a fever and sleeping for almost a whole day in the tent. After a priesthood blessing and some Tylenol she was able to hike out the final day on her own. What a trooper! And because she is such a good swimmer/trooper, we decided we could take her through one of our most favorite canyons – SUBWAY. She practiced rappelling off the front porch and watched plenty of “game film” from previous expeditions. We invited her buddies McKay, Annie and Nicole along and they all had a wonderful time on probably the warmest water day I have ever felt in that canyon. Blissful.

Big changes for me, DB, began in January. My Uncle Brad passed away and I think of him often, especially when I’m out in the desert somewhere. Working full time for Dr. Major, an ENT, has been a big adjustment to my schedule, my kids and my laundry! I am extremely grateful for the employment and like my job in the billing department. I have great co-workers which make having to go to work enjoyable. I also got my first Botox injection back in January for my voice (Spasmodic Dysphonia – rare neurological disorder affecting the vocal muscles). I get a treatment every 3-4 months at LDS hospital voice clinic and I am in it for the long haul or until something new comes along. That was such a struggle to come to terms with! Ugh! But I am extremely blessed to be where I am and to have learned what I have learned. I am still the Beehive Advisor in the YW program and YW/YM choir director. They are extremely patient with me and my lack of voice on and off. Love them all. I love all our adventures together as a family and continually look forward to planning more of them. The Rock and I road-tripped up to Lava Hot Springs in September for our anniversary. We found a yummy Tai restaurant and a new favorite get-away. We were also able to make a quick trip Moab in March and to Colorado for Thanksgiving to visit my sister Bethany.
We are so grateful for the blessings of the Gospel, for our family and friends and the time we have been able to spend together and for the wonderful holiday season.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Working Full Time and...having lots of fun!

December 2008 ~ I love all the excitement during the holiday season. I'll rest in January!
Desert Star Theater dinner and show, thanks to Bob & Karen.
Mayflower's school Christmas choir performance.
Rock & I playing in the Co-ed region volleyball tournament for our ward, played 3 hours the first night (seeding), lost our first match the 2nd night, had to come back through the loser's bracket (played 4 hours this time) to win the dang T-shirts and the championship!
Shematite - keeping the house warm and toasty for us all when we come back home tired and cold.
Scout - singing her guts out with Chamber Quire performances all over town including at the Church Office Building where President Uchdorf stopped and said hello and my office Christmas party. Dr Major (my boss) was so impressed that he handed me a check the next day to donate to the Chamber Quire. :)
Michex - busy with AP classes, Math 1050/1060, Choralaires and all that stuff.
Mayflower - sat on Santa's lap at the ward Christmas party "just to get a candy cane" she said. Narrated our ward Christmas program today with her Dad and gave a talk in Primary. Did a great job:)
Went to Weber High Christmas Concert Thursday.
Caroling with friends and neighbors Friday night on the hay wagon.
Yesterday - Went shopping, made stew in the crockpot, did laundry, cleaned house, helped Mayflower and Shematite cut out snow flakes for the windows, wrapped gifts, helped hang Scouts curtains and re-arrange her bedroom and caught a couple minutes of the BYU game. It is now 12:06 Monday morning and I am going to bed now. I will figure out how to get my printer to print addresses on Christmas envelopes tomorrow...I mean later tonight:)

Family Photos

Thanks to Sayyadina & Dreampacker and the beautiful background at Mountain Road Ranch we were able to squeeze in the annual family photo shoot. Shematite has moved home from Cedar City and has put school and work on hold while she deals with some health issues. We are sure glad to have her home:)

Monday, December 1, 2008


Wed. 4 am. - Drove through windy Wyoming to Bethany's beautiful homestead out on the prairie east of Denver. Shematite got a new "do". Pictures forthcoming. We made shrimp alfredo/pasta from scratch, Kassidy made pumpkin pies and we played a little Dance Dance Revolution while we waited for the Wild Bunch.

Thurs. - 8 am. The Rock, Brandon & Wildman donned the required Turkey Bowl outerwear and headed out the back door to the fifty yard line for a little flag football with the rest of the neighborhood men. Since our pom-poms have since been traded for Nikons and Minoltas, we women shot action photos. Hopefully Bethany will post some favorites.
1 pm. Yum! Food! Glorious Food!
Quote of the year from Mitchell when taking a look at finicky Mayflower's choices on her plate, "Don't you like food?"

More yumminess, games, talking, laughing.

Friday - Took the kids to the recreation center where we took a swim in the pool, lazy river, water slide, hot tub and steam room. The guys caught a game or two of raquetball also.
Friday night date + Shematite. Caught the new flick "Australia". Sigh...Hugh Jackman in the outback...what's not to love?

Sat. - headed into Denver to the free candy factory tour. A little bit of Christmas shopping and back to Bethany's for more movies, games, fudge-making and such.
Sun. 8 am - snowy, windy blizzard condtions. Wyoming starting to close down. Decide to head home over Vail pass instead on I-70 and squeak by before it closes. 11 hour drive home. Safe and Sound...Thankfully.

Thank you Beth & Brandon for all the fun and hospitality. Much Love.

p.s. Keep practicing your skit for the family reunion:)