Sunday, December 22, 2013

Joyous Day To Come

I introduced the last song in our Christmas Choir program today in church...

The choir will close the program today by singing our traditional final musical number,  the lullaby “Still, Still, Still.”  If you know the melody or even the words, please feel free to hum along or sing from where you are.  Don’t be shy.  I believe that the very physicality of using our voices in worshipping our Savior adds a heightened level of sanctification to our personal journey along the path of  discipleship.  
In our most recent Stake Conference in November Elder Summerhays, the visiting General Authority testified that, “The beauty (and purpose) of music and hymns is to fill our hearts with the love of our Savior.”   
We, as just a humble ward choir, wish for you to feel an extra measure of that love today and throughout this Christmas Season.  And so we offer you our testimonies…
That He lives!
He was born as a babe in Bethlehem, the only Begotten Son of our Father in Heaven and sweet Mary.
He loves each of us with an incomprehensible capacity.
He overcame death on the cross through the power of the resurrection and has given each of us that most precious gift as well.

The “joyous day to come” that the song mentions, no doubt refers to the day of Jesus’ birth.  But let us also look with joy to the day when He will come again in glory to rule and reign forever.