Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling a little SPRY

Once again my Rock and I ventured to the lands southward last weekend to enjoy one last summer hurrah in the canyons of Zion. Friends Kim & Aaron were kind enough to provide transportation, food, good company, laughs, new gear and plenty of understanding and patience when it was discovered nearly 25 minutes after leaving the house that we forgot our wetsuits. And more patience and understanding late that night at the campground when the Rock and I decided to buy a new rope the next day…;)

Anyway, here are pictures of Pine Creek that we did last Friday and Spry Canyon on Saturday. We were blessed with the beautiful & inspiring presence of Cindy and Scout with us in Spry (We were sorry Joe was sick!). The last time I hiked through Pine Creek, it was completely dry. Not so this time. It was wet from the get-go with several floating disconnects. I was so glad for a wetsuit! Quite a fun challenge!

This is looking up at the last rappell in Pine Creek. 100 ft FREE! Love it!

Aaaron & Kim got new gloves...;)

Looking out from the alcove at the bottom of the last rappell in Pine Creek. Boulder hopping down the streambed brought us to a couple of plunges in the "pool" and then to the Pizza & Noodle in Springdale.

The next day we met Cindy and Scout in Springdale at 8 am and were hiking into Spry by just after 9 am.

The first rappell in Spry. 170 ft.

Scout, Kim & Cindy

This is one of my favorite rappells in any canyon. It is short, but really fun. You have to sit on the edge of the cliff where the Rock's feet are, clip into the rope that is anchored on the sandstone wall across the gap, and swing out & down at the same time so you don't hit your head or hands. A definite Whoohoo! issued from Scout and myself on this one!

A vertical panoramic shot that Scout took.

This is the last rappell out of Spry. About 95 ft free! You now get to do this one instead of slide down the sandhill to the west, which the Park service now frowns upon.
Total thumbs-up! After scrambling down the rest of the boulder field, we headed upstream and took a few plunges in the "Spry" pool:) Cindy & Scout definitely showed their experience and skill in this canyon, while Aaron & Kim added to theirs.
And to my Rock...thanks again for taking me magical places and bringing me home again safe and sound. Love you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Stuff

Michex was asked by the Director/drama teacher to be the STAGE MANAGER of Weber High's fall musical! Yea! What does that mean? I'm not really sure other than she is at every practice, has her own script/notebook thingy and once the curtain goes up opening night, the show is handed over to her! "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" will run sometime in November.

Mayflower is excited about being asked to be on the 6th grade student council, almost having her backhand-spring down and going horseback riding with Dreampacker:)

Shematite loves "harvest time"! And therefore Autumn!

I am looking forward to a couple of days in Zion with my Rock.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Loved having Scout, Karli and the Coombs family here for a visit! Played "Go to Jail" in the old orchards, played dodgeball and played a mind-boggling game of "Signs"! Rob cooked all kinds of yumminess on the grill and then the kiddos roasted marshmallows in the fire pit. And yes! We did watch the BYU game! I then conducted Relief Society on Sunday, enjoyed my wonderful, weekly nap that my family makes sure I get and then made a little trip up to Lil'Dell Ranch to visit the Wild Bunch. Learned more about my new camera:) Monday morning...cleaned out my kitchen pantry (such as it is) in hopes of making room for a smidgeon of the harvest and case lot sales that have begun, bid the weary travelers goodbye to make their way back to Dixie and gave myself a mental and emotional pat on the back. Well done. Great weekend. Now back to work:)