Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dang it!!

Well. The befuddled bafflement mentioned in my previous post has given way to ... hmmm... I really don't have any idea what. That is probably why I haven't posted any thing in weeks.
After 7 weeks and finally a round of antibiotics for what appeared to be a bad sinus infection, Shematite's physical symptoms have improved. Unfortunately, she had to drop all of her classes at Weber State. The mental and emotional struggle still goes on, however. I am grateful that we have at our disposal so many great tools, knowledge, understanding, support of friends, family and special visiting teachers and home teachers. I am grateful that Shematite is and always has been the BEST laugher at my attempts at humor. I love coming home from work and making her laugh. We talk lots. We cry even more. But most of all we are traveling through this life with the understanding that maybe we are here to help each other learn what we need to learn about compassion, empathy, judgment, mercy and TRUST. It helps me to think that the Lord TRUSTS her with the obstacles that are in her path. I am learning to trust her as well.
For some people, pain is a private matter. I've learned that it's pretty exhausting to maintain that all of the time. So if I seem to be telling it like it is, please forgive me. I'm learning to dang-well enjoy the dang journey...dang it!!