Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is just a cool song and a cool picture. Along about this time of year (winter solstice?) I really start missing the desert. I watch all my home movies of our trips over and over again and start looking at maps and planning...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A picture is worth...

I sure had fun hosting the "BIG GAME" party Saturday. I was personally feeling rather ambivalent. I like cheering for the under dog, whoever that might be. Can you all guess when I snapped this shot? And I was thrilled to have JT, Tris and Nicoletta, Baby Jane, PJ, Happy Hat, Shelly and all the kids here to visit and have fun. Thanks for the wonderful surprise visit!

Thanksgiving Day was awesome spending time at Mountain Road Ranch with the FAM. Friday was a perfect Pie Party for the family of The Rock. My girlies brought the house down in Sacrament Meeting when they sang on Sunday. I feel like I partied and cried all weekend. Glad to be back at work so I can rest...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

An Attitude of Gratitude for...

My Father and Mother in Heaven and my Savior who express their love for me in countless ways.

My husband who is my Rock, my best friend, my sounding board and my soulmate.

My daughters who amaze me with their physical beauty and spiritual strength. And also their physical strength and spiritual beauty. :)

My big, huge, wonderful family! I love you all so much.

My friends I miss the most, Happy Hat, Panguitch Joe (and kids) and the Bremners.

The Golden Hour.

Hot Chocolate...actually any kind of chocolate.


Skills (esp. Frog-eye salad making skills at the moment).

An insulated garage door (thanks to Scout's little driving mishap) and a new roof over our heads.


One-on-one conversations.

Hot Springs.

The Scriptures.

Singing in the ward choir.

Christmas music.

New perspectives.

Mountain tops, desert canyons, hidden springs, wandering trails, autumn colors, and powdery snowflakes.

Sharing adventures.



A good pair of trail running shoes. be continued as I ponder some more about stuff...


Road trips.


Finally being able to understand one of Maud'Dib's blog posts. Sigh.

Stargirl moments.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Out Takes

Sadly, these pictures never made it to the Family Christmas Card.

At Breakfast...

Apparently we are out of cereal that Mayflower likes, so she pulled homemade waffles out of the freezer and popped some in the toaster this morning. I decided to join her and since we are also out of maple syrup, I was pooring blueberry syrup on my waffles.
Mayflower: Mom, I just loooove IHOP!
DB: Mmmm. So do I :)
Mayflower: They have all kinds of syrup to put on your waffles! Blueberry! Strawberry! Huckleberry! And Poisonberry! ....And of course maple!
DB: Mmmmm! Those are my favorite, too!

You all have a nice day!