Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yep. I am more than 3 weeks late posting these pictures. Sigh...oh, well.
Here they are!

WHS Spring Concert - Scout & Michex

Literally 10 minutes before leaving for the graduation ceremony, Scout was finishing up a painting for Dr. John Pobanz to present to him that night at her party as a thank you gift for her scholarship.


Scout's best friend from Panguitch, Karli, came up for the graduation festivities! She is always lots of fun to have around and she was a great helper for me!

After Scout's party at the Trout Farm, she finished packing for her job at Jacob Lake and then headed to the all night graduation party for her class. Karli stayed at our house, got some sleep, and then headed south with Scout at 5 am the next morning. Karli got dropped off at home in Panguitch, then Scout continued on the road (after a brief, though somewhat amusing trip to the post office in town) to Jacob Lake and a summer of hard work and adventure! She's made new friends, loves where she works, has to climb the fire tower in the forest to get cell phone coverage, explores new places on her day off, studies the Gospel, takes walks in the forest, and is having the time of her life! Check out her blog. www.thewayofscout.blogspot.com
She has infrequent time on a computer so postings may be few and far between but, hey, so are mine:)!