Monday, May 23, 2011

Done with that!

Well. I just sent appeal letter #2 to my health insurance company last week. Apparently the only doctor in the entire state that comprehensively treats the voice disorder that I have, and that I have been seeing for over 3 years, is not a contracted provider for the new health insurance company that we switched to in September through the school district. So I have been balance billed for the 2 treatments I have received since then. $500.00 each. I can't afford any more balance billing, so I won't be getting any more Botox treatments for my voice unless I win the appeal, or until September when we have the option of enrolling in a different health plan. So I will apologize now for using up valuable energy as I try to battle feeling frustrated, fatigued, emotional and withdrawn. Any prayers would be appreciated. There you have it. Wo is me.
Okay! Done with that! Shematite and I went to the nursery on Saturday and picked out lots of fun flowers for her to plant and take care of . It makes her GIDDY:) She is also busy rehearsing for another play this summer - Into the Woods. She plays one of Cinderella's step sisters. More info on that will be forth coming. Michex took a power tool to the side yard fence and took it down. We now call her, "Michex, the Destroyer". Mayflower is finishing up school and had fun running on the track team as a seventh grader in the 800 m. Scout is home from Dixie and she and Michex are eagerly preparing for their departure in June to Camp Sugar Pine in northern California to work for the summer. Scout will be the art director and Michex will be a unit counselor. I look forward to running a few miles out on the trail once in awhile. It seems to keep me sane:)