Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gone to Lunch

So, today at work Dr. Major stopped in the office after a couple of surgery cases and said he was flying his plane to Heber City to have his skis "looked at". My quick thinking co-worker,Joni, asked if there was room for a couple of tag-a-longs. He said sure! So this is what I did for my lunch hour today!

We left the plane at the Heber City airport, took the courtesy car to Soldier Hollow where the skis in question were not fixed, but traded in for new ones and went to a nice little bakery/cafe in Midway where Dr. Major treated us to lunch. We flew back to Ogden by way of North Ogden Pass-so as we were coming through I texted Shematite to run outside and look up and wave! What a fun first flight for me! Thanks Dr. Major! Kudos to the first one to name the mountain in the top picture.