Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beautiful Day

Well, ...back to school.

Scout was busily rearranging her schedule down at Dixie so she could fit in the "Raging Red" class she added at the last minute. Apparently a show/traveling choir of some kind that she tried out for. She's very happy about it!

Michex - senior. Enough said.

Mayflower - 6th grade. Likes her teacher. Zero cute boys in her class, so she says....but, pretty darn cute herself, I must say:)

I got home from work Monday, and found that Mayflower didn't have any homework yet and Michex was making chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmm. Had a tomato sandwhich for dinner, some cookie dough, and then went for a little hike up the base of Ben Lomond. The sun was setting, the sage smelled glorious and my heart, lungs and legs did what I told them to do. Beautiful day.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Change of Plans

Last weekend, the weather kind of helped us change our plans from a backpacking trip in the Uintahs to a surprise visit to Scout at Jacob Lake. Here are some favorite photos!

Inside the Lodge where Scout works.

This is the fire tower that Scout climbs to get cell phone coverage to call home.

Kaibab Forest

Yes, Michex is pointing to a marshy pond in the background, also known as Jacob Lake.

Jacob Lake Historic Ranger Station.

Mayflower enjoying the view from Bright Angel Point at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Scout is actually on Bright Angel Point.

Then we drove out to Cape Royal to catch the sunset! We spent over 30 minutes trying to get the same person on boths sides of a panorama shot. It was so much fun! Come over some time and I will show you the bloopers:) I looove this shot!

Scout took this shot. Love it!

There was a forest fire burning out on Cape Royal so the air was really hazy, but we had so much fun! Scout showed us her dorm, introduced us to a lot of her friends, made us hot chocolate and milk shakes and didn't turn us in to the hotel management for cooking our meals on our balcony with our backpacking stove:) We stopped in Panguitch on our way home and had an impromptu BBQ with the Bremners, Coombs and Smiths. All in all, a great birthday get-away for me!