Saturday, December 29, 2007

Looking back

Looking back at 2007 ~
Shematite (19) graduated from WHS, worked at Ye Lions Den restaurant during the summer and headed down to Southern Utah University in August. She has declared herself as a theater major, but with a phobia of sewing machines is not looking forward to the required costume construction class. She lives in the honors hall in a small private room and is loving college life!
Scout (17) is a junior at WHS and also worked at Ye Lions Den up until last week. She is busy with AP art projects, serving as Laurel class president and Choralaire president and keeping track of boys, sports, voice lessons, friends and AP history homework.
Michex (15) is a sophomore and enjoying having her driver's permit. She also enjoys choir, sign language class, voice and piano lessons, friends, humanity projects with her Dad, and being the cutest cupcake ever in Weber's Beauty and the Beast musical production!
Mayflower (9) has been busy with friends, gymnastics, friends, activity days, friends and swimming lessons last summer. She got so used to jumping off the high dive, that when it came time to jump into the favorite plunge pool in Zion, she didn't hesitate a second!
The Rock is serving in the Elder's quorum, still teaching math at Fremont High school, coaching boys and girls tennis and teaching driver's Ed. Needless to say, he is enjoying the Christmas break far more than his students. He has taken up racketball recently and can often be found at Gold's gymn looking for a game.
I am still working for 2 ENT doctors but have extended my hours to full time. They are great to work for and I always have plenty of challenges. I love serving in Young Women's as Beehive advisor and choir director. I always look forward to girls camp and youth conference. This past summer I got to spend 3 days at a Bear Lake youth conference with my big girls and had so much fun sleeping under the stars with Shematite, playing swords, volleyball, wakeboarding and tubing. The youth sure keep me young!
Highlights for me this year were hiking a new trail up Timp, slipping through Behunin canyon in Zion, a trip to Lake Powell with extended family, and a backpacking trip down Buckskin Gulch with my Rock and various siblings (see old blog post for details). And I loved finding new hot springs, visiting old ones and playing dodgeball on Christmas eve!
After nearly 16 months of struggling with hoarseness, I have recently been diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, a type of neurological muscle movement disorder affecting my voice. I am looking forward to a treatment in January that will hopefully help.
2007 has been a wonderful year of growth, learning and adventure! Thanks to all those who shared a part of it with me. I am looking forward to 2008!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Fun!

As a wonderful gift to our family, Rock's parents gave us tickets to the Desert Star Dinner Theater Monday night. We had a great time eating at the buffet and enjoying the show. Mayflower was particularly impressed with the fact that the server brought her as many cups of hot chocolate as she wanted.
The Christmas variety show was awesome! Shematite and I found ourselves laughing the loudest in the whole theater at some point, turned and looked at each other, and kept on laughing at our laughing. Thanks, Mom and Dad Snowbird! It was wonderful!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is just a cool song and a cool picture. Along about this time of year (winter solstice?) I really start missing the desert. I watch all my home movies of our trips over and over again and start looking at maps and planning...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A picture is worth...

I sure had fun hosting the "BIG GAME" party Saturday. I was personally feeling rather ambivalent. I like cheering for the under dog, whoever that might be. Can you all guess when I snapped this shot? And I was thrilled to have JT, Tris and Nicoletta, Baby Jane, PJ, Happy Hat, Shelly and all the kids here to visit and have fun. Thanks for the wonderful surprise visit!

Thanksgiving Day was awesome spending time at Mountain Road Ranch with the FAM. Friday was a perfect Pie Party for the family of The Rock. My girlies brought the house down in Sacrament Meeting when they sang on Sunday. I feel like I partied and cried all weekend. Glad to be back at work so I can rest...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

An Attitude of Gratitude for...

My Father and Mother in Heaven and my Savior who express their love for me in countless ways.

My husband who is my Rock, my best friend, my sounding board and my soulmate.

My daughters who amaze me with their physical beauty and spiritual strength. And also their physical strength and spiritual beauty. :)

My big, huge, wonderful family! I love you all so much.

My friends I miss the most, Happy Hat, Panguitch Joe (and kids) and the Bremners.

The Golden Hour.

Hot Chocolate...actually any kind of chocolate.


Skills (esp. Frog-eye salad making skills at the moment).

An insulated garage door (thanks to Scout's little driving mishap) and a new roof over our heads.


One-on-one conversations.

Hot Springs.

The Scriptures.

Singing in the ward choir.

Christmas music.

New perspectives.

Mountain tops, desert canyons, hidden springs, wandering trails, autumn colors, and powdery snowflakes.

Sharing adventures.



A good pair of trail running shoes. be continued as I ponder some more about stuff...


Road trips.


Finally being able to understand one of Maud'Dib's blog posts. Sigh.

Stargirl moments.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Out Takes

Sadly, these pictures never made it to the Family Christmas Card.

At Breakfast...

Apparently we are out of cereal that Mayflower likes, so she pulled homemade waffles out of the freezer and popped some in the toaster this morning. I decided to join her and since we are also out of maple syrup, I was pooring blueberry syrup on my waffles.
Mayflower: Mom, I just loooove IHOP!
DB: Mmmm. So do I :)
Mayflower: They have all kinds of syrup to put on your waffles! Blueberry! Strawberry! Huckleberry! And Poisonberry! ....And of course maple!
DB: Mmmmm! Those are my favorite, too!

You all have a nice day!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
It's about learning to DANCE IN THE RAIN

I love this picture of Shematite. This was our front yard in Panguitch (2001?)during a torrential August downpour. She went outside to dance in the rain like my girls always do. They are a great example to me. I came across the saying written above recently and really liked it.

It reminds me to relax in the effort, have fun in the adventure, feel the intensity and appreciate what the rain actually does.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What I did this weekend.

Got up at 6:15
Did laundry.
Cleaned the bathroom.
Took Scout to meet and pick up her Dearest Friend from down south. Was ecstatically surprised when Shematite appeared also! DF's parents went to Cedar City (an hour out of their way) and picked her up and brought her and DF up for a weekend visit! Thank heavens for "deer day" in Southern Utah to lengthen their weekend a little bit.
Grocery shopped.
Fixed dinner.
Did dishes.
Watched Sense & Sensibility with Shematite.

Got up at 6:30
Did laundry.
@ 7:30 Played 5 games of volleyball with the women of the ward. Very fun workout!
Helped Mayflower make more sugar cookie dough.
5th cold, rainy Saturday in a row.
Took all 5 girls to the hot springs in Ogden Canyon in the rain.
Came home, cleaned up, and went Birthday shopping with Scout and Shematite with DF along as fashion consultant and confidante. Actually I think Scout and I were the fashion consultants for DF and Shematite on this trip. The Rock was a very gentlemanly chauffeur ;) The rain has turned to snow.
Got home and fixed dinner. Sent Scout to work.
Rock did dishes.
Shematite and I put Scout's new bedding and curtains (birthday wishes) in her room.
We then went to Mt. Ogden Middle School's production of MULAN to support "cousin" Keigh. He played Captain Shang. So Fun! Still precipitating - back to rain again.
10:00 p.m. Did more laundry and read through my Sunday lesson.
10:45 p.m. Scout drove home safe from work in the rain. I can go to bed now. After I put some clothes in the dryer...

6:30 a.m.
Got up and got ready for church. Beautiful blue sky, crisp air, golden leaves and the smell of wood smoke.
Started the dryer again 'cause the towels weren't dry yet.
9am Gave my lesson.
10- ish Choir practice to sing in church today.
10:40 Gave the closing prayer in Sunday School.
Choir sang in Sacrament meeting.
YW presidency mtg after church.
Got home and made frosting for the sugar cookies.
The Rock did the dishes.
Took all the girlies to MRR for a visit with Grandma and GRandpa (and roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, salad and carrots). Had brownies and ice cream for Scout's birthday, peach pie for Shematite's up-coming birthday and sugar cookies 'cause Mayflower made them. It is here that Shematite informs us that she will probably be back up in a couple of weeks to see Michex in the WHS play "BEAUTY and the BEAST". She's a cupcake. I just like saying that. She's a cupcake! Go ahead, see if you can say it without smiling.
5 pm. Hugged DF and Shematite good bye, kissed The Rock and watched them drive away to the meeting place in Nephi. Still sunny and crisp.
6:30 pm. Walked to the park to watch the sunset.
7:30 pm. Started blogging. Here's a picture of Ben Lomond from the park with my cell phone. Have a nice night. I'm kind of tired. One more load of laundry...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Way to Bee!

I got stung by a bee today. It was stuck inside my pant leg right at my sock line. My leg was kind of busy keeping my foot in the stirrups. I was not able to swat the bee away because my hands were busy holding the reins. I was holding onto the reins with a fairly decent grip while hoping that Wayfarer and I could avoid the wild bee's nest that Wildbound and Shrek (the horse) had just kicked up and walked through as we rode on the mountain near MRR. I heard the hum and felt the sting just as the bees were starting to swarm all around WB and Shrek. Shrek started to sidestep and buck. I didn't want to yell. WB was cool as a cucumber as she instructed me to get Wayfarer down to the trail quickly. He was starting to shimmy and shake also, so I was glad to get to the trail, get the bee out of my pants, check the horses for any stow-aways and jump back in the saddle and take off at a nice canter! Yea! Those big boys got us out of that "hornet's nest" quickly and efficiently. What a fun ride! Thank you Wayfarer and Shrek.
I needed a little adventure today. But most of all, I needed the invitation.
Thank you, Wildbound. Let's do it again.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yummy Autumn

So. What does one do 3 rainy, yucky, snowy Saturdays in a row? Certainly an attempt was made to clean the house. And parts of it are cleaner. But to have all the house all clean all at once seems to be a goal that is slightly out of reach for a mom that can't yell to the kids to "come back". You all know what I mean. They go and do a job or put something away like you asked them to and then they don't come back. They disappear. Ah, but I digress. What did we do? BAKED! Mayflower made the dough all by herself, with only one slight measuring mishap, Michex and I made the frosting and we all had fun! Cousins Lemur and Rivulet got into the action last night, too. Making sugar cookies is a favorite memory I have with my Mom. Yum.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Spasmodic Dysphonia - What the !@$!?

I got a head cold that changed my voice and didn't "go away".
Talking on the phone is very difficult.
My voice varies week to week, day to day, hour by hour.
Talking in a higher pitch sounds better although it is more difficult.
I never know how my voice will sound when I speak. Sometimes it sounds just fine.
I can sing.
I can laugh.
I can talk quietly for a longer length of time.
Trying to talk over any kind of background noise is virtually impossible and very frustrating.
I don't want to talk at work or church any more than I have to.

After 3 months of therapy my speech therapist said, "Hmm. This might be spasmodic dysphonia (for which there is not a known medical cure). You should see the voice disorder doctor in Salt Lake. He treats this disorder with Botox injections in your vocal cords." (EW! Yuck! I have never heard of this neurological disorder, let alone the treatment.) I thought I might get his opinion anyway. Come to find out Dr. Smith is not a preferred provider on my insurance. So...
I am taking an anti-spasmodic herbal tincture with lobelia and other things in it. Yum. I am going to see my chiropractor this week. I am doing Yoga every morning along with some EFT and visualization techniques. I will keep you all posted (pun intended)!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wild Places

A friend at work recently asked me why I like living where I do (as opposed to other communities in Northern Utah). I didn't have an immediate response that I was satisfied with. That kind of question, to me, takes some thought. So...Friday I had the day off, was kind of sick with a head cold, but couldn't miss out on a glorious, warm autumn day in the mountains. I got the dog leash and ever ecstatic Milo and drove to one of my favorite trailheads (under 10 minutes away). It happened to be undergoing some re-surfacing in the parking lot area so I couldn't park there. Kept going. 20 minutes from my home I parked and went for a walk with my dog to look at the fall leaves. It was then I knew one of the answers to my friend's question. Trail Access. There are many other great reasons I love where I live, i.e. community, schools, family, but this one is important to me also. Access to wild places, quiet places, is a vital nutrient to the diet of my soul. As my body ages in a few decades and wild places become more difficult to find and get to, I need to have the knowledge that at least they are still there. I can remember and imagine. My brain doesn't know the difference. So, for now I will store up and harvest moments and memories for later. See you on the trail.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Celebrating 20 years ~ September 18, 1987

Happy Anniversary, Honey. Babe. Stud Muffin. Lover Boy. Handsome. Here's to another 20 years! And another. And another...(If I knew how to type the infinity sign on the computer I would insert it right there). You are my world, my life and my Rock. I am my best self with you. I look forward to forever. Love,DB

And just a side note ~ I put on my wedding dress this morning and got it all the way zipped up! Yea!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blooming Conversations

Mayflower - Mom, when will I start blooming (she says while in the bathroom doing hair)?
DB - I don't know sweetie. Everyone's different. Have any of the girls in your class started blooming?
M- Yea. A couple. But a lot in my grade!
DB - Wow. So they wear bras and stuff?
M- Yea (as she looks in the mirror and presses her shirt down).
DB- Anything goin' on there yet?
M - Maybe! I think so!
DB - Hmmmm (nodding encouragingly). We'll see!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I love a good book

Desertbound's Recommended Reading List

(in no particular order)

How could I forget! To Kill a Mockingbird must be on my list as well.

1. Peace Like a River ~ Leif Enger
A young boy deals with a chronic illness while exploring the possibility that his father performs miracles. A poetic, lyrical and beautifully told story.

2. The Long Walk ~ Slavomir Rawicz
A Polish army officer is imprisoned by the Russians and sent to Siberia. The incredible journey of him and his companions as they escape and make their way across the Gobi desert and the Himalayas to freedom.

3. Jane Eyre ~ Charlotte Bronte
An absolute classic. One of my favorite books of all time. Interesting perspective on values and morality.

4. Follow the River ~ James Alexander Thom
The gripping account based on actual events of a white woman’s escape from an Indian tribe and her treck back home. Not for the faint of heart.

5. A Vagabond for Beauty ~ W.L. Rusho
The mysterious true story of Everett Ruess, a young man that disappeared in the Escalante wilderness in the early ‘30’s.

6. Desert Solitaire~ Edward Abbey
A wilderness advocate's must read. Gritty, unapologetic look at government, civilization and the wonder and beauties of the desert southwest.

7. Endurance~ Shackleton's Incredible Voyage - Alfred Lansing
The harrowing account of the crew of the ship Endurance that was trapped in the Antarctic ice for over a year.

8. *Stargirl* ~ Jerry Spinelli
Every teenager or parent of a teenager should read this book! It explores all kinds of issues about individuality, self-image and what love really is all about. I hear there is a sequel out now...

9. Seabiscuit ~ Laura Hillenbrand
The true story of the horse racing legend. So well-written with painstaking attention to detail- enough to make you feel as if you are in the jockey's seat. Triumphant!

10. Crow Lake ~ Mary Lawson
This family's closet is full of skeletons at Crow Lake. Poetically written with an interesting perspective.

11. The Count of Monte Cristo ~ Alexander Dumois
Definitely not the movie. Is Revenge worth the price of your own Redemption?Classic story to be enjoyed over the summer or curled up with in front of the fire on a cold winter's night.

12. Proper Edge of the Sky - The High Plateau Country of Utah ~ Edward A. Geary
Anyone interested in Utah geography and geology will love this non-fiction book that is so beautifully written and researched.

13. Touching the Void ~ Joe Simpson
A harrowing true account of near death and ultimate self-rescue in the Peruvian Andes. Wow.

14. Between a Rock and a Hard Place ~ Aaron Rhalston
If you have the one above, you have to have this one, too.

15.Red - Passion and Patience in the Desert ~ Terry Tempest Williams
Wonderful book of essays about wilderness and the desert.

16. Climbing Free: My Life in the Vertical World ~ Lynn Hill
Autobiography of the first person, a WOMAN, to make a "free" ascent of the Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in 1993. A free climb uses only hands and feet. No jummars, ladders or other equipment. Hill was allowed to rest at belay stations, and had a climbing partner to catch her when she fell, but she led all the way and managed to climb sections that had never before been completed without the aid of equipment. Hill returned to The Nose in 1994 and climbed it in less than one day. A free ascent of The Nose has not been accomplished by any other climber. After twenty-six years of climbing, Hill seriously considered the question, "What do we conquer in a mountain?" "Certainly, we do not 'conquer' anything by climbing to the top of a rock or peak," she wrote in Climbing Free. "For me, climbing is a form of exploration that inspires me to confront my own inner nature within nature. No matter where I am in the world or what summit I've attained, the greatest sense of fulfillment in my life is connected to people."

16.Pride and Prejudice ~ Jane Austen
Another one of my all time favorites. I think Rock has read it more times than I have.

Right now I am enjoying the Twilight series.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Behunin Canyon ~ Zion

Wow- what an amazing adventure this canyon is. Thanks to my brother Tristano and his wife Nicoletta for doing so much reconnaissance at the peril of their health, warmth and calf/quad muscles. I'm utterly speechless and really don't know what to write. Over 4 miles up the West Rim, 9 rappels down to a breathtaking view of Emerald Pools and Zion Lodge and so many memories. Joe, this is definitely not our last canyon.
Tristano - Gosh, Nicoletta, get some skills!
Indy (to Desertbound while looking at a crack to down climb) - Oh dear, what should I do here, DB?
DB - You could squat.
Indy - That's right! I have squatting skills!

And just a side note - Nicoletta did a great job at expressing herself.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Breathing Spring

Thanks to our Star Valley snow birds for showing us the way and to Rock for staying up late and helping me with the technicalities of posting video.

The Little Stream

The Rock and I made a quick trip up to Star Valley, WY Saturday night to visit his parents at the RV hang out place. They took us on a fun little hike to see an intermittent (about every 12-20 Minutes) or "breathing" spring. It was running just as we came in sight of it, but gradually stopped as we got to the source at the top of the canyon. We waited so long for it to start again that the rocks were drying out. And then... "a stream was formed... that grew...and grew. awoke! remembered! had a purpose...given to it by the Great Spirit...Who knew what would make the little stream happy."

Friday, August 24, 2007

Higher Education

Well, I left Northern Utah with my oldest daughter, Shematite, in tow Wednesday afternoon just as it was starting to sprinkle the windshield a little bit. We were an hour down the road when we realized almost all of her shoes got left behind. Oh well. Shoe shopping never hurt anyone. We arrived in Cedar City at Nicoletta's Aunt Susan and Uncle Tony's house. What a warm welcome and wonderful hosts they were! Thursday was student and parent orientation, registration and the SUU campus job fair followed by check-in at the dorm, dinner with Susan and Tony, a little standard transmission driving practice, more shopping and finally unloading at the dorm room @ 11:00 p.m. We were beat! Friday a.m. we were treated to Tony's famous "cholesterol breakfast" including eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, english muffins, Bear Lake raspberry jam, cheese sauce, orange juice and peaches from the Mountain Road Ranch. I drove my lovely daughter back to campus and dropped her off at the dorm. After one last hug and kiss, I drove away. I really wanted to stay and help her do everything else she still had to do (get a p.o. box, open a bank account, deliver job applications, get her internet hooked-up, etc.), but I decided that wouldn't do her any good. I drove home over Cedar Mountain stopping in Panguitch to visit old friends at the clinic and sit on Jennifer's front porch and have a nice chat. I miss my girl, but she is already having the time of her life. What more could I ask for?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weber High School 20th Reunion

My honey, the Rock, joined me at my class reunion last night. It was great fun seeing and catching up with old friends! My best friend Tanna and her husband Matt joined us for a late dinner. Little Mayflower took this picture for us. Way to go reunion committee for all your hard work! Thank you.

Day at the Beach... and other stuff.

My sister, Wildbound and I took the kids to play at the beach yesterday for one final "hurrah" before school starts. A windstorm blew us back to the hot springs in Ogden Canyon to soak in the warm water. Check Wildbound's blog to see what fun adventure we had next.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Music in the Mountains

Rock and I had the opportunity to go to the Jon Schmidt concert at Wolf Mountain over looking beautiful Ogden Valley Saturday night. It was amazing! What a talented artist/composer/pianist! Some of the cool things he did besides shake the entire mountain with his cool music and sound system:
Played Billy Joel's Rootbeer Rag in 2:27. Joel's time posted on the internet is 3:03.
Made up a "time of day" song by asking an audience member for the exact time (9:18) and using those notes in the scale for the base of the melody. Beautiful song he made up on the spot!
He also asked for a volunteer in the audience that would like to do a little improv with him. He asked if anyone knew a specific Jazz scale (the name of which I didn't know in the first place, let alone could I remember it). A young man raised his hand. Jon asked him to name the notes in the scale. He did and Jon waved him on down to the piano beside him and away they went! This kid was from Kaysville Junior high and he's improvising an amazing jazz number on the piano with Jon Schmidt!
We had a blast! If you ever hear of or get the chance to go to a Jon Schmidt concert - do it! Thanks to our friends Kim and Travis for the VIP tickets!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Neighbor and Friend

Some of you may have heard about the shooting at Panguitch Lake a week ago. Our former neighbor, Tracy Armstrong was the victim of the gunman's rampage. The Armstrongs were our next door neighbors (north side) in Panguitch and Tracy was the Real Estate agent that helped us sell our house down there. Tracy and Lynn have 9 children and he is now paralyzed from the shoulders down. Keep them in your prayers.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


The "bodies of water" answer list is now in the correct order at the end of my blog if you would like to check it out. If you had fun playing this game, check out for another fun game naming arches.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bodies of water game

Here you will find pictures of 21 bodies of water. Name them if you can. Keep track of your own score. 1 point each. Highest score gets bragging rights. If you absolutely get stumped and need a hint, all of them are listed randomly at the very end of my blog. Add 10 bonus points if you do it without the hint list. If you want to, post your score when you're done. Have Fun! Canyon/trail/geographical feature game coming next.

Friday, July 27, 2007

One job down, two to go.

Yesterday was my last day getting up at 4 am to drive one hour to St. Mark's Hospital. Yea!!! Love those little babies and job perks but hated the stress, the drive, and the fight to stay awake at the wheel. EarTech Audiology, the contracted newborn hearing screening provider who hired me (Terry and Kerry) was under bid and lost their contract. So much for 10 years of loyal service in the face of hospital politics and penny pinching. Did I say "Yea!" already?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Laser Ablation

Well, here I am with my foot propped up catching up on reading blogs. I had a minor surgical procedure Thursday and elevation of my healing appendage feels good. Having been afflicted with 4 pregancies and bad genes, I finally grew tired of the pain and swelling of my vericose veins and sought a reasonable solution. Veinous Laser Ablation has so far successfully closed off my greater saphenous vein in my left leg from the knee up and hopefully all the "branches" below the knee will soon shrivel and close as well. A follow-up ultrasound tomorrow will help me and my doctors see how things are going. I had my first ever IV (perfectly placed and painless until the nurse ripped off the tape when I was done - ow!), some injections for local anesthesia all along my thigh and a tiny catheter threaded into a small incision below my knee, into my vein, containing a laser that closed off the vein as the doctor slowly pulled it back out. All of this was mapped out as they went with an ultrasound. No stitches, just steri-strips. Cool stuff. Hopefully the yucky leg contusion ( see picture on Buckskin post - June ) I had from my Buckskin Gulch incident won't happen so easily from now on.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Spur of the Moment Photo OP

Thanks to Sayyadina for our spur of the moment photo session on Sunday! It was hot, muddy and sticky work! You're awesome. Maud'dib, we'll catch you soon for some more shots, too.

My Rock sure looks happy surrounded by so much beauty.