Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Spiritual Revival in my Heart"

I was reminded today, as I had the privilege of singing with my sister Bethany at her sweet friend Stacy's funeral, that music has a special power to comfort and heal hearts. Best friends do the same thing:) Sweet Stacy's husband said to us with love and tears of hope and healing in his eyes that, "that was the most beautiful song I have ever heard. It was like a spiritual revival in my heart."
YES - The plan of happiness is in place, the atonement is accomplished, the resurrection is assured. Thank you Stacy for the beautiful example of friendship and love.


We spent the last weekend in February up at Lava Hot Springs with the"clan". Rock's parents, Bob and Karen, gave us a night at the Aura Soma Lava Convention Center as a Christmas gift to our family. We decided to buy another night and invite Rock's sisters and their families and have a huge cousin slumber party! It was a blast:) We played games, swam in the private hot pool on the property, ate yummy food and laughed until we cried. Definitely a do-over.

It snowed a lot the night we drove up there. We wished we had brought our snow clothes and boots so we could have built a snow cave and had a snowball fight. Instead, the kiddos got really hot in the pool and then had a "who can lay in the snow the longest in their swimsuit" contest. Ashlyn getting a big hug from Uncle Rock.
Mayflower, Kyle and his friend Kelsey.
All the cousins (and some tag-a-long friends) enjoying a hot soak!!
Playing games.

Eryn, Teran, Kyle and Dallin playing Just Dance.
I hope we can make some more memories next year:)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Job Well Done

Due to chronic arthritis, a tooth abscess and cancer, our furry friend Milo was gently laid to rest at Li'l Dew Ranch last week. We are so grateful to Wildbound, Wildman and the kiddos for loving him, taking care of him and making all his herding "jobs" important:)

Dear Milo,

May the sheep be fluffy, plentiful and slow.
May the thunderstorms be muted and short.
May the rubber tires be forever detached from the lawn mower.
And may the Hands that scratch your ears and rub your tummy be gentle and warm.
Keep up the good work! We'll see you again:)