Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Crew:The Rock, Desertbound, Panguitch Joe, Tristano, Cindy, Nicoletta, Baby Jane
McKay, Michex, Mayflower, Scout & Haley in the very front!

The Mission: Hike to Coyote Gulch via Crack in the Wall - camp, play, eat, drink, explore, ponder, nap, filter, shoot, bathe, crawl, laugh, wade, jump, talk, sing, bless, bond, hold onto & let go.


- Stopping at the Bremner's house in Panguitch.

- Perfect weather.

- Having Jane & Haley along.

- Marveling at Tristano & Nicoletta's energy, enthusiasm & innovation with the diaper drying:)

- McKay & Mayflower always getting along and enjoying each other's company as they played in the sand and in the stream.

- Being with best friends.

- Watching The Rock, Joe and Scout take the "plunge" off the rock into the Escalante river.

- Enjoying Scout & Michex's company as we explored hidden waterfalls and sunbathed on the rock.

Oh, what a bummer!
- Mayflower running a fever, headache, sore throat & tummy ache on day 2.
- The Rock completely breaking off a crowned tooth on day 2.
- Missing Shematite :(
Now, back to highlights!
- McKay's excitement when he was told he had to bring his headlamp...

- Hiking/running to Steven's Arch before darkness set in...
- Hiking back to camp in the dark with our headlamps:)
- Cindy & Scout making 2 trips up the sand hill (one came back to carry Haley, the other to carry Mayflower's backpack). Wow.

- Sunrise
(Notice in the above picture, the streambed has eroded down about 12 ft since I was here last in 2004.)

- Sunset
- Moonrise :)
- Croaking Frogs.
- Mayflower hearing, then seeing the rattlesnake on the trail and giving a nice calm warning-really. We watched it drag it's lunch (dead mouse) into the bushes.

- Being reminded how strong my family is.

- Looking forward to our next expedition.