Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 for 1

Last Monday, Scout and Michex ventured forth for a summer at Camp Sugar Pine, a Girl Scouts of America sponsored resident camp. They spent a night in Panguitch and picked up best friend Karli and then spent the next night in St George visiting cousins and Aunt Bethany and Uncle Brandon. They reached camp safe and sound (as far as I know) because Scout called me Friday night and told me all about how she had spent the day cleaning out the Art Barn. She swept, dusted, wiped, inventoried, cleaned out shelves and drawers and then swept and mopped again. She was planning on painting some of the bulletin/cork boards the next day. They can only get cell phone service about a half mile away from the camp, so once the campers arrive, Scout and Michex won't be leaving the camp to make phone calls or anything. So.......! Here is the mailing address:) They would both love to get letters from anyone!

Jet or Jazz
Camp Sugar Pine
Box 4398
Camp Connell, CA 95223

For the protection of their staff members, the camp has them go by a nickname.
Scout = Jet
Michex = Jazz
Karli = Smalls

It would seem that my house is quite a bit quieter and somewhat empty for the summer. Not so! Rock's nephew, Dallin (Big D) has taken up residence in Michex's empty room. Since he graduated from Ben Lomond high school a couple of weeks ago and is currently under employed like a lot of people in today's economy, the "rent" of $200.00 he was being asked to pay at home was too expensive for him. So he happily helps around the house and especially in the yard in exchange for a bed, pillow, food and shower. I think I am getting the best end of the deal:) He is sweet, cheerful and gracious so far and Mayflower loves doting on him. He has helped dig out unwanted fence posts and railroad ties, mow lawns, re-stack wood piles, clean out the shed and fix broken sprinkler pipe. We also enjoyed having Rock's parents parked in our driveway for a couple of weeks with their 5th wheel. They have gone up to Idaho to spend the summer and will stop by again on their way back home to Mesa, AZ in the fall. We sure love having them!

Shematite's play, Into the Woods opens this coming Friday, June 17th.
Get your tickets online at

So that is what is going on in our neck of the woods!