Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Vines from Strong Roots ~ 2009

Well...we did it! Thanks to everyone for being so willing to help and accept assignments. I loved watching everyone play, craft, tube, rappel, hike, sing and eat together! I was constantly torn between taking photos of the fun and having fun myself. I think I did lots of both! Thanks again, everyone, for your love and support. As for the tune you hear playing on my play list, it is the song that I remember Grandpa Lee singing whenever we were outside together. I'll never forget his big booming bass voice singing the chorus of " Boom-de-ya-da's"! So, Grandpa(and Grandma!), this is for you.

I will always remember...

Kira giving up on changing Izaac's clothes. I am not sure who was happier after that - Kira or Izaac...

Michaela and Summer getting dumped down the waterfall in the river. Expert tube and child handling followed, because Michaela kept ahold of both of them! Whoohoo!

Marshmallow War - Hey! Who's eating all the ammo!?!


Greg & Sheri's yummy pulled pork sandwhiches from the Texas Pride BBQ. And peach cobbler!

Boom crash! The lightening flashed! Oh, that's another story...

Guitar serenades by Ty and Bethany...sigh:)

Cooling off in the river...with River!

Zach getting dumped down the dang waterfall and coming up missing a flip-flop but still smiling!

Yummy Breakfast cooked by Grandpa and Grandma:)

Samantha, Joziah, Chelsea and Emily doing their first RAPPEL! You guys Rock!

Hanging out with and getting to know better...John & Kristine and their families!

Please comment your favorite things, too! And if you saw/heard something funny/cute/memorable that I missed, please feel free to share it. As for really are worth a thousand words ~ so...

Here are some tubing pictures:)

And some hiking pictures:) The Skull Crack trail around the south end of Causey is 2.3 miles one way. Beautiful views of the reservoir! Would be great in the fall with lots of leaf color, too!

Southfork cave rappelling! Yea!

Just having fun!

And finally... the Faces of Family!

Love you all!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One of Mayflower's favorite pastimes...and Mine!

Yea! I got my new camera! So I decided to shoot Mayflower while she was jumping on the tramp with some major backlighting issues. I am very pleased with the "portraits". The camera's "brain" knew of the backlighting problem and her face is well-lit. I think, however it was trying to decide whether to prioritize the action or the backlighting on the other 2 shots. I am learning! .... Watch out Family Reunion! HEre I come!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Something's missing

Went to Lagoon last Wednesday.
Hiked to the "Butterfly Pond" Thursday night.
Watched a movie Friday night with Mayflower.
Saturday morning went hiking on the south side of Causey Reservior.
Tonight - FHE at the church baseball field, enjoying some batting practice.
What, pray tell, is missing!?!
When do I get my early birthday present!?! Hopefully FRIDAY!
Wanna know what it is?

SONY Cybershot HX1 digital camera
9.1 MP
20x optical zoom ranging from 28mm-560mm.
1080p HD resolution with an optional HDMI cable.
ISO sensitivity up to 3200.

The Rock now says we need a new computer to handle all the cool pictures I am going to take:) Hmmmm. We'll see:)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Girls Camp 2009 ~ Bear Lake

Day 1 (Laurels only)
Pizza for lunch
3 1/2 mile hike to the Wind Caves in Logan Canyon.
Set up camp at Bear Lake.
Prepared Scavenger hunt for other girls.
Dutch Oven Chicken for dinner.
Played Bocce Ball on the Beach at sunset.

Day 2
Omelets in a bag for breakfast.
All other girls and leaders arrived.
Scavenger hunted for T-shirts and flip-flops.
Chicken Salad in croissants for lunch.
Prepared and performed skits (Oh, the places you'll go!)
Went to Minnetonka Cave. Had candlelight devotional.
Roasted hotdogs back at camp.

Day 3
Pancakes & bacon for breakfast.
Played beach volleyball.
Turkey sandwhiches for lunch.
Played in the water and went tubing behind the boats!
Navajo tacos for dinner.
Devotional/ Speaker/ Testimony meeting.
Started raining/ thunder / lightening / huddled under the pavilion:)

Day 4
Muffins/ Cereal for breakfast
Cleaned up camp.
Came home!

I am so glad that I had my sweet, amazing Michex there with me! It was weird having only one daughter there! She is amazing. She was so helpful and so much fun to be with. Love you, Michex!