Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Because

I posted this just because I love this song. I bought Leona Lewis' CD about a year ago because I liked her single cut "Bleeding Love". But as it turns out, this is my favorite song on the album.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She did it! And Happy Birthday, Mayflower!

Michex tried out for and was selected as a member of next year's WHS Chamber Quire. She's been working on her song since August and pretty much nailed it. Yea!

Can't believe my baby girl turned 11 years old! Last week I was getting ready for a Futsal game at the church and I had my workout clothes on. I was in the bathroom putting my hair in a ponytail when Mayflower walked in, pointed at my tummy that was showing and said, " Oowh! What are those!"
"Stretch marks my dear, THANK YOU VERY MUCH." Love her. Love her bubbly personality, her tender heart & just the whole darn package! Happy Birthday, QM!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

They found him.

I just received my new National Geographic Adventure magazine yesterday. Guess what. It appears that they found him. Everett Ruess. Yep. Mmm-hmmm. I have the article if anyone is interested.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Games & Goblins

Cute as a button! Shematite stands guard at camp.

Ah! Hugs! :)

Mayflower, Grandma Dreampacker & Zach check out the hoodoos.

Firestarter Bob likes his magic "Boy Scout" juice ...

Little Wild Horse canyon has some nice slots.

The Valley of the Goblins

Some little goblins sitting on a hoodoo (Zach, Rachel, Mayflower, Mckay and Haley).
The triumphant gamers! Neither wind, nor cold shall keep them from their appointed rounds of gaming in the valley of goblins. Zach, Joe, Mckay & Brad are on the top row. Rachel, Mayflower & The Rock are on the bottom row.

Wow. I had so much fun this past weekend playing with my family and friends in Goblin Valley that I hardly took any pictures! See Dreampacker's blog for more. Thanks to all who made the trip and also made it so memorable. See you on the next trail:)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Arches & Little Nutmeg

We spent last weekend road-tripping it over to Grand Junction via Arches National Park to be at little Nutmeg's blessing. Great, sunny weather on Saturday:) The crew at Landscape Arch.Dreampacker & Trailblazer
Mmmm. The sand is nice and warm on the surface but gets cold quickly as Mayflower sinks her fingers deeper...We spotted this old red barn, car and pond near Fruita. Scout jumped out to take some reference shots for her art class.Haley enjoyed making all kinds of new friends, especially Mitch, Kassidy and Aunt Bethany.

Cute little Nutmeg.

The drive home Sunday evening along I-70 was an adventure. Good thing we have a Driver's Ed teacher with both hands firmly on the wheel. He and I both thought the windows would blow out of the car the wind was so bad. We got to Green River and pulled into the gas station. All the cars heading east from Salina were covered in muddy ice.

This is the dust storm we drove through going up Hwy 6 to Price. Soldier Summit was snowy but not too bad.

We had a great time and enjoyed visiting Tris, Nicoletta and their cute girlies!