Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A couple of weeks ago...

Fuel for a Sunday drive/picnic with Grandma & Grandpa Stoffers in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming - $75.00

Refreshing soft drink for my honey, the Rock - $1.25

2 new tires to replace the ones that got "shredded" on the dirt road to beautiful Alice Lake (which we actually never saw) - $245.00 (Yep! One on the way up the dirt road and one on our way back to town).

Having kind, generous friends in far away places, with connections (to the guy at the tire shop), on a Sunday afternoon in Cokeville, WY.....PRICELESS!!!

Thank you AnnMarie & Joe!!! We are so glad you knew & found the "tire guy" in town so quickly and helped us:) It was also really neat to see the houses where Grandpa Stoffers was born and lived while in Cokeville.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Girl's Camp Memorial Park 2008

Day 1 - Laurels only. Rappelling into a cave in South Fork.

Me, DB - checkin' the ropes and coachin' first-timers.

Michex - Dropping into the cave. About 45 feet.

Day 2 - We were joined by all the YW campers and did a little tubing down the South fork. Our Camp was just a few hundred yards down stream from Causey Dam. Any idea how cold the water is that comes out of the bottom of Causey? Bone Chilling. Had to keep moving and stay distracted by the fun tube ride and the water gun snipers that lay in wait for unsuspecting camp leaders.
Day 3 - Hiked up to and around Causey. Very Beautiful.

After the hike, the leaders prepared a skit for the evening's entertainment while the girls plotted the old "cry wolf" lure to get us to come running to some one's aid. It worked. However only 3 brave leaders were foolish enough to join in the ensuing water fight. 25 to 3 are not great odds so we were forced to retreat to the cold river and stand our ground. Brrrrr!
The skit we performed was video taped and may soon be posted. Stay tuned:)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

So, I got home from Lake Powell, worked 5 almost 12-hour days, another week of 10-hour days and then went to girl's camp. I am back now, showered, pumiced, laundered (which took all day yesterday) and preparing my YW lesson. I will post GC pics soon. We had a blast!