Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bodies of water game

Here you will find pictures of 21 bodies of water. Name them if you can. Keep track of your own score. 1 point each. Highest score gets bragging rights. If you absolutely get stumped and need a hint, all of them are listed randomly at the very end of my blog. Add 10 bonus points if you do it without the hint list. If you want to, post your score when you're done. Have Fun! Canyon/trail/geographical feature game coming next.

Friday, July 27, 2007

One job down, two to go.

Yesterday was my last day getting up at 4 am to drive one hour to St. Mark's Hospital. Yea!!! Love those little babies and job perks but hated the stress, the drive, and the fight to stay awake at the wheel. EarTech Audiology, the contracted newborn hearing screening provider who hired me (Terry and Kerry) was under bid and lost their contract. So much for 10 years of loyal service in the face of hospital politics and penny pinching. Did I say "Yea!" already?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Laser Ablation

Well, here I am with my foot propped up catching up on reading blogs. I had a minor surgical procedure Thursday and elevation of my healing appendage feels good. Having been afflicted with 4 pregancies and bad genes, I finally grew tired of the pain and swelling of my vericose veins and sought a reasonable solution. Veinous Laser Ablation has so far successfully closed off my greater saphenous vein in my left leg from the knee up and hopefully all the "branches" below the knee will soon shrivel and close as well. A follow-up ultrasound tomorrow will help me and my doctors see how things are going. I had my first ever IV (perfectly placed and painless until the nurse ripped off the tape when I was done - ow!), some injections for local anesthesia all along my thigh and a tiny catheter threaded into a small incision below my knee, into my vein, containing a laser that closed off the vein as the doctor slowly pulled it back out. All of this was mapped out as they went with an ultrasound. No stitches, just steri-strips. Cool stuff. Hopefully the yucky leg contusion ( see picture on Buckskin post - June ) I had from my Buckskin Gulch incident won't happen so easily from now on.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Spur of the Moment Photo OP

Thanks to Sayyadina for our spur of the moment photo session on Sunday! It was hot, muddy and sticky work! You're awesome. Maud'dib, we'll catch you soon for some more shots, too.

My Rock sure looks happy surrounded by so much beauty.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

July Family Fun

I know it kind of looks like we all just sat around, but we really had a lot of fun last weekend while the crew from Colorado was here. Hiking, swimming, eating, softball, kickball, volleyball, sword fighting, more eating, playing Sabrina's game, meeting new friends and eating heavenly fresh Berry pie from Dreampacker's kitchen @ Mountain Road Ranch.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Timp/Aspen Grove Trail 2007

I got home from work Thursday, threw some hiking clothes on, grabbed my Camelback, food etc., kissed the girlies goodbye, jumped in the car with my honey, the Rock and headed south to hike Timp with Canyonsrcool, Beth and Coporado. We decided to hike from the Aspen Grove trailhead so I was very excited to see new scenery and hike a new trail. Last week, the Rock suffered a foot injury while jumping into a Zion plunge pool, so I am grateful he decided to come in spite of it. We started hiking just after 6:30 am on Friday and reached Emerald lake in 4 hours. Our 3 companions went on to conquer the peak while Rock and I relaxed in the sunshine at the Lake. I dipped my feet in the glacial water to rinse off all the trail dust. Whooooooeeeeeh! It was so painfully cold! I had watched Canyonsrcool jump in just a few minutes before and I couldn't believe he did that! It must be how he conditions himself to do Subway in October without a wetsuit... All in all, a great hike with outstanding scenery, wildflowers, waterfalls and wildlife (we saw a mama moose and her baby). Lots of "Happy Places" to store away for future reference when needed. These first 2 pictures are obviously of the same waterfall. The first shot was taken in the morning light on the way up the trail, the second was on the way down in the afternoon. Coporado, Beth and Canyonsrcool (below pic).Beth (above) me holding onto my hat (below). Side note to self - brimmed hats cut off peripheral vision lending to the tendency to clock your head on the same tree going up the trail and coming down.

Coporado recharging.

Timp has always been one of my Happy Places.