Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Singer Within

Found this quote in a book I finished recently titled Message From Forever by the same author that wrote Mutant Message Down Under. I kind of liked it because I am constantly telling the Young Women and Young Men in my ward not to be afraid that someone might actually hear them sing! I think the next time I am teaching them a new song I will have to share it with them:) Here goes.

"Everyone is musical. Music is a part of our own earthly assignment. If you don't sing because you don't think you can sing, that does not diminish the singer within you. You simply do not honor your talent."

Ready. Set. Ponder.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

House of Angels and Home Cookin'

6 am - went shopping @ Walmart. The cute little Asian checker lady said, "You smart! You go shopping ear'y!" Um-hm.
8 am - played some women's church volleyball. I am realizing how refining and patience producing that really is. Did some laundry.
10 am - watched Conference while I put chicken stew in the crockpot. Did some laundry.
12 pm - made homemade caramel to dip apples in 'cause I was craving it. Did some laundry.
2 pm - watched more conference hoping to catch a glimpse of cute little Emily in the children's choir. We saw her eyes and the top of her head! Laughed and cried at Elder Worthlin's talk on the Law of Compensation and Elder Ballard's talk on ANGELS.
Went downstairs to get a can of corn out of the storage room to put in the stew. I glanced at Scout's door to her room. She was gone playing a soccer game in the mud. I decided to see how far she had gotten on cleaning it and opened the door and walked in. Her bed was made, clean clothes were put away, some piles of laundry were still on the floor but it was much improved from earlier in the week. I glanced around and the thought came to me to walk to her closet. At our family council last Sunday we decided to pray for the return and/or finding of her Personal Progress Book (by Saturday - today!) that has been missing for about 2 years. The YW president challenged her to finish by the end of October. It has been extremely difficult for her to finish without it. Every time she has looked and searched, she hasn't been able to find it and got very discouraged. I leaned down and started looking through a small set of drawers on her closet floor. Top drawer - no luck. 2nd drawer - lots of fun dance pictures! 3rd drawer - old sketch pad, pencils, notebook and underneath.... her Personal Progress Book. My heart lept straight to my throat. She was still gone so I just laid it on her freshly made bed. In the whole big, huge universe, the Lord answered a few simple prayers to find a small book.
4:30 pm - Scout came home muddy and cold and hopped in the shower.
5 pm - Ate yummy stew, spinach salad and breadsticks then kissed my honey good-bye as he went to priesthood.
6:30 pm - Sat down to read blogs and ended up writing one instead. Scout passed by and nonchalantly asked where I had found it. I told her. She smiled and said, "Thanks Mom."
I love rainy days. It totally takes the pressure off to GO GET SOMETHING DONE. Now I'm going to go curl up with the book I am reading.