Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moab RRR 2012~ Lessons Learned

1.  Do training runs on BOTH sides of the road so that my feet toughen to different slants, thus preventing the big blister that formed on the ball of my foot on the 1st leg.

2.  Do training runs on all kinds of terrain.  Just because I like the trail best does not mean the road should be ignored.  Pavement is harder than dirt.  My blistered toes will remind me of this as well.

3.  Fear/anxiety can be a great motivator.  I was afraid of not hydrating enough, therefore I drank constantly, knocked back some chia slime and felt like I had plenty of energy.  I also used the porta-potty at every exchange:)

4.  My dislike/fear of crowds is always overshadowed by the positive energy in the air on RACE DAY!

5.  Having total strangers cheer for you is very humbling.  I know my family will, but it is always a shock when it comes from strangers so unexpectedly.  It's as if I matter.

6.  I like smiling when I run, just to prove a point:)

7.  I can power-walk up a calf-killing hill faster than I can run up least for now.

8.  I didn't need even half the amount of food that I packed, but it was nice to have options.

9.  The lady directing the primary children's choir in church the day after the race had the same temporary tattoos that I did.  She was a member of the Moab Mafia :)

10.  Everything I have learned about myself through running was re-emphasized and reinforced as I was allowed to pass through the beautiful, stunning, scenic, adventure of this relay race with my amazing team/family.

11.  I was not one of those "pushed to the limit", nor did I ever feel like I "gave it all I got".  But I will be forever grateful to being a witness to those who were pushed and did give.  Their courage and sheer guts will not be forgotten and will be put in my reservoir  for future use when I DO need to push my limits and lay it all out there.

Because it's coming...

  Rock on Team Wander Wild. Rock on and run free.  Free from fear and doubts.  Because I know it's possible.  I saw it happen.

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