Sunday, March 16, 2014

Running in the Dark

  I had a lovely early morning run on Saturday.  I got up at 5:15, started running at 5:45 and did 8 miles mostly in the dark.  I read something recently from Runner's World - an article a lady wrote about what inspired/helped her to keep running and it is helping me change my perspective about running in the dark, early morning.   I have always had a huge amount of anxiety about going for a long run in the dark.  It has been really hard for me.  I worry about things jumping out at me, mostly animals, tripping and falling, stepping in a hole, being stalked, whatever - you name it.  In the article the author talked about how much she enjoyed her early mornings in the dark, being alone, enjoying the stars in the sky, owning the streets of her town, just her and her headlamp and so forth.  So that's what I thought about Saturday morning.  I ran in the middle of every road, I looked up at all the stars, I had my reflective vest on and 2 headlamps, one on my head in front and one around my waist in back (turned on red), and I had new songs on my playlist to distract me from all my anxious thoughts.  But most of all, I enjoyed the huge golden-orange moon that was setting in the western sky as I ran my route.  I got home just as the sky was turning gray.  The light hadn't even hit the top of the mountains surrounding my town yet:)
  I am grateful to be able to enjoy the beautiful world we live in.  I am grateful for its Creator.  I am grateful every day when I can ask my body to do things and it can.


lil.knight.fam said...

You're amazing. Maybe were not ready to run together. I'm not at 8 miles... Yet. :)

Ahenobarbus Textor said...

Yes! It's strange how running, if we let it, changes our perspectives - shifts fears into flow. Keep it up, girl.